Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moulin Rouge in Tirana!

Last night we went to see the latest production from "Theatre International" here in Tirana. A collaboration of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet and various sponsors, the troupe has put on several interesting musicals over the past few years, including last year's successful Chicago. Moulin Rouge was really fun though much too loud! There are some impressive dancers here in Albania and some strong voices. If I remember correctly, Chicago was spoken in Albanian but the songs were in English (but I might be wrong), however Moulin Rouge was completely in the Albanian language, so there was obviously quite a lot of pre-production work involved. It still surprises me how big a production the theater company manages to put on with what I'm sure is quite a tiny budget. Well done once again!


Panorama de Fortim visto por Alida said...

Woow Great , I love Elsa Lila by the way she has a beautiful and dinamic voice, I heard it will be played till 4rth of may. I will go to see it!!

Warm greetings!

Miss Kim said...

She truly is wonderful! I was told that she generally sings in La Scala and not often in Albania anymore. Her voice is crystal clear and lovely (as is she!).