Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

After 5 days in Vienna it is truly nice to be back home here in Albania. Yesterday our daughter B met us in Austria and we had a fabulous day walking around the city, stopping for coffees, touring the city in a horse drawn cart, and eventually exploring the awesome Albertina Museum.

But today when we arrived in Tirana, we immediately drove out to the sea and ate an early dinner on a sunny terrace. Fish, mussels, fresh french fries, greek salad, linguine, crepes... yes it was amazing! Then a quick drive down to the other end of the beach for coffee and some ice cream just before sunset.

Spectacular! But oh so nice to be home.


O said...

oooooohhh, that sounds fantastic! But where are the photos of the sea, crepes, and a sunny terrace?
Have a fab time you two!

Miss Kim said...

Hi Ola! I think we forgot to take pics of the lunch! But I'll be posting a few others from Vienna and Durres later today. I forgot my camera cable at home so I couldn't upload anything for a few days.

CanadianSwiss said...

We've missed you by 2 weeks as we'll be around Vienna next Wednesday. I'm looking sooo forward to it again.

BTW, I've tried to access Angelika's blog, but I think she has it blocked to only chosen readers. I'd love to go there for dinner while we're there :)