Sunday, April 13, 2008

Albanian Fashion Week 2008

Here are a few shots I took at last night's fashion show held in the National Historic Museum in Tirana:




There were shows by two Albanian designers: Mimi and Tacilla (I hope I remember that correctly!). Interesting presentations from an industry which is just beginning in Albania. To be honest, the fabrics and the workmanship were not of the highest quality, but they are only at the very start of learning this craft. I give the designers a lot of credit for their creativity and their courage to be different. Well done!


CanadianSwiss said...

It's a great start in a relatively new business. I wish I could do half of that. Not that the creativity lacks, but I'm an idiot at sewing/knitting, etc. LOL!

eni said... the first one most..thanks for sharing Kim

Choco Pie said...

I give them credit for using healthy, good-looking women as models! Those models don't look skeletal, the way some do.

db said...

I was just coming here to say that the models look a little "chunky" and then saw what the last poster had written. I still believe that models should be skinny. Clothes look better on them.

liburne said...

that's the point. The designer's job is to cut the clothes in a way to make us look good, instead of us trying to starve to fit into their clothes.
We do have skinny tall girls in Albania but they are not realistic. The normal Albanian girl is the one who eats healthy food and has enough energy to walk around town everywhere and swim in the sea.
Ford Models picks new faces every year in Albania. Last fall even the host of the show commented how shocked she was of the fact that the new girls were extremely skinny.
you can watch the Ford model search show in Albania here