Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tirana Traditions

palace 054
Last spring we were entranced by a fashion show of traditional Albanian costumes, especially this one- the Tirana style of old. Isn't it lovely? I've seen a set of large coffee table books about the various regions of Albania and the costumes. I think they'll be my next investment!

And yesterday while sitting outside eating lunch, this delightful couple wandered by our table and I asked if they'd mind if I took their photo. Grandma quickly lined them up for me and got them to pose. I have no idea why they were all dressed up but how beautiful they were! A ray of extra sunshine on a wonderful spring day!


ITS said...

Absolutely gorgeous kids. The only caveat is that the boy needs traditional shoes as well. They are called "opinga". ;-)

Lynda said...

The boys pants look like something off the streets of new york... are they traditional. They look rather chuffed with themselves.

susanna said...

Wow! Those are beautiful clothing and it's interesting to see the traditional Albanian costumes.

Btw, was the photograph of your banner taken in your area of the world? It looks tropical! Ohh, to have a day at the beach!

L.A. said...

Lynda, you are right, they are kind of made up. Only the design is correct; black stripes and borders in the white clothing. There shouldn’t be any zippers.