Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Life...

We woke up this morning to find our workd covered in snow... not much but enough to banish the grayness of life at this time of the year here in eastern Canada. It didn't last too long and now in the late afternoon most of it has melted away. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day.

We've been watching movies... saw the first two dvd's in the series about the Tudors- Dad's gone to the video store to try to get the 2nd two. I knew I would love it after reading so many books about Henry's life and wives. What a fabulous production! The settings are fantastic, but it's the costumes that just blow me away.... ohhhhhhhhhh wow... just stunning!

We just finished watching A Mighty Heart, the movie based on Marianne Pearl's experience when her husband Daniel was kidnapped by extremists in Pakistan. Now that's a very powerful movie and Angelina Jolie was amazing in it. What a courageous woman.

I'm also recommending Away from Her directed by Canada's own Sarah Polley. It's a heartwrenching story of a marriage struck by Alzheimers. It was very personal to me since my dear mother-in-law suffered with this tragic disease for many, many years before passing on. It's also filmed so close to the place where she lived in south western Ontario. It seemed like the story was written just for our family. Julie Christie is wonderful as the wife who quickly falls into the confusing world of Alzheimers and institutionalised care. Ms Christie, has introduced her film thus: "It is immaterial whether you are rich or poor--we cannot predict what can happen to us." No truer words have ever been spoken.

My time is running away here in Canada ... just a few more days left til I'll be on my way back to Albania.

Remember: Life Is NOW!


Rositta said...

I really want to see Away From Her, I too heard it was a wonderful film. Soon you will be back with your spring flowers while we soldier on with the snow, lol...ciao

hockeyman said...

yep...I can see it... NS still rocks.. wow...umm is it true that people in the valley check their pulse several times a day to ensure that they indeed are still alive and haven't been swept into heaven while they were blithly watching the day unfold?

GMG said...

It's quite true that you shouldn't take anything for granted!
Thought of you when saw the blast on TV, but then remembered you were in Canada. Hope you don't have bad surprises when going back home...

Miss Kim said...

Rositta... I honestly thought that Spring would arrive while I was here. Darn. Friday I fly back to Toronto for a couple of days with my kids, then fly out on Sunday evening. I hope the weather is better by then!

Hockeyman... you kill me (still).

Gil... thanks for the thoughts- I've been assured that all is well back home. Cheers!