Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Is there anything better than being home?


O said...

your son is so talented! isn't he?

a colleague of mine said Josh looks just like him! Apparently many people said that to directly to him as well.

LarryR said...


Welcome back to this continent! It's a shame you're still so far away. All the same, welcome home, doll.



Rositta said...

Beautiful song, great singer. There is nothing better than going home...ciao

Unknown said...

Brings tears to my eyes for my Mom & Dad......Great song. Will be in Van from 20/3 to 4/4, NJ 4 -14, Istanbul 14-22. Love to your Parents. Hugs, Vanda

Miss Kim said...

O... LOL he is talented... and everyone says J looks like Buble!

Larry... Awww... thanks sweetie! We MUST email ecah other soon!

Rosita... so true (except for the weather!)

Vanda...We'll SKYPE or telephone ok?