Thursday, February 07, 2008

Out My Kitchen Window

Here's my part in a new little meme called Out My Kitchen Window from lynda over at lulusbay. When I first saw it earlier this week I was still getting over the flu but noted it on my to-do list. I also groaned a little (believe me I had lots of practise while I had the flu!) because my view is REALLY no view at all. We have heavy shutters on the outside of all our windows and when I first moved in I had to keep these closed all the time, really unlike me, because-- well see for yourself. The house next door is painted LIME GREEN. A shocking lime even. No maybe it's NEON GREEN, because I generally like lime. I hate this colour and the green light coming through into my living room/dining room and kitchen makes me queasy. Today it's not too sunny so I have the shutters open.

Since the view is so boring I'll share a couple of shots of my kitchen which I actually love. In fact, I got to pick it out myself since we're the first family to live in the house! I picked three kitchens- one for each floor of the house and that was fun. I've always been a quick decider so it wasn't even stressful. One day I'll tell you how I choose my hubby in less than 7 days.

......... I do need curtains but look how awkward my windows are. Here's one instance of my inability to decide on something!


swenglishexpat said...

Hi, I left a positive comment on an earlier post of yours regarding painting buildings in Tirana, but this green colour is taking it a bit too far!

gorgeoux said...

You've been tagged. Returning an old favour, remember?

Lynda said...

Ok I agree with swenglishexpat... that green is really scary... but the kitchen is A+ I love it! and look at all those cookbooks.

Beth said...

Not so sure I would enjoy living with that neon green shining through but your kitchen is gorgeous!