Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just For the Love of It

Have you heard of this intriguing

I'd never heard of the "freeconomy community" before this morning, when I found it via I've just finished reading some of the website and find it a very creative idea and one that I want to learn more about.

P and I have always cherished the concept of "Pay It Forward" and often share the idea with people we encounter, hoping that it will have an impact on the way our world works. The freeconomy takes that idea to a new level, one built on the concepts of Skillsharing, Toolsharing, Spacesharing, and Timesharing. Good, simple ideas.

One of the followers of the belief has just begun a 9,000 mile walking journey from the UK to India, and he's doing it without any form of money. No cash, no credit. There's a blog on the website where you can follow his journey as he goes.

P and I once had a dream of homesteading somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. That little dream is still somewhere inside our hearts. Perhaps we were meant to live in a commune- living as modern 'hippies'. Who knows? We've certainly become a sort of vagabond, moving from place to place. Yes, we're idealists and you can poo-poo the idea of the freeconomy all you want, but we like it. We'll definitely be following this journey!

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Di Mackey said...

I was going to say it reminded me of Turkey but New Zealanders are fairly handy too. Loved the story.