Thursday, January 03, 2008

What to Drink on a Cold Winter Evening

Can I tell you a secret???

Albania is home to THE BEST WINTER DRINK in the whole world!!!

We had it first one chilly day last spring at a local bar/cafe/restaurant (no it isn't a hotel surprisingly!). The bartender called it a "Ray Charles"- who know why!?!

All you need is the best homemade Albanian Raki, a spoonful of yummy honey, a dash or two of cinnamon and a pot to heat it in. Gently warm it up, but don't boil it. Then serve it in a cute little shot glass! It's divine and soooooooooooooo easy to drink on a cold winter evening.

In fact, I think I'm going to go prepare a small pot of it right now (there was ice on the ground this morning).


Anonymous said...

A better name for it would be Albanian Comfort

Miss Kim said...

Great Idea!

Di Mackey said...

Hmmm, so was there still ice on the ground and was it still morning when you whipped up your yummy raki drink?