Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My New Love

How could I resist them?


Simply impossible.


Lynda said...

Oh now you are just being a tease.. they are gorgeous... and nothing but gumboots here in Cairo today. Are the footpaths so good in Albania that you can tipple about in such heels... are they local? Do tell

Miss Kim said...

LOL Lynda! I can't imagine wlaking anywhere in Tirana in these shoes without breaking my neck! When I was shopping with my friend the Hungarian Princess she convinced me to buy them and I made her promise to drive me everywhere!

I have no problem finding good shoes here- I think they mostly come from Italy and the size range is often limited. I am completely addicted to buying shoes and handbags!

ados said...

Tango shoes!!

eni said...

lovely indeed!

Ms Mac said...

Oh, they're gorgeous!

I have shoe envy.