Tuesday, January 08, 2008

For Mom

It's the small things
in her daily life
that remind her.

When she reaches for her apron
and ties the strings around her waist...

When she chops an onion
and peels a potato...

When she stands
and waits for the iron to heat up...

When she raises her voice
and yells at the kids to behave themselves... or else.

It's in the way she adjusts the bedcovers
until they are 'just so'...

In the way she puts on her lipstick,
pouts her lips and smudges until they look 'just right'...

And in the way she always wraps a scarf around her neck
and tucks it into her jacket.

And despite the many times
she's whispered-
"I am not like her",
She stops and finds that she is.

And she smiles.


oreneta said...

ohhh, I hope my kids can feel this way about me when they have grown up....

that was lovely.

eni said...

oh dear that was so tender!