Monday, August 27, 2007

My New Baby!

Here she is! My new Canon Powershot S5 IS! Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
Those of you who know me will probably be laughing by now. Yes, I have a new camera. I needed one like a hole in my head. No- honest I really needed a new camera! The guy who sold it to me asked if I wanted the extended warranty and I laughed and said "no thanks I never keep a camera long enough to need an extended warranty"! Lately my kids have been the lucky recipients of my ex cameras though I'm still waiting to see some photos from them.
I had really given some thought to getting a DSLR with all the bells and whistles, but in the end the learning curve and the expense of a few extra lenses helped me decide on the Powershot you see here. It's not an SLR however it does have optional lenses and they come at a much lower price than any DSLR lenses do.
I've enjoyed my Panasonic Lumix (it was my second one) but there were a few things lacking that I hadn't realised when I first bought it. It doesn't have a viewfinder, which is really necessary in bright light, and it didn't have any real manual functions. The Canon has the viewfinder and lots of manual settings, plus some rather playful options such as a colour selector setting in which your shot is B&W except for whatever colour you select in the shot. The optical zoom is also 12X- a slight improvement over the Lumix which was 10X.
So that's my new baby. Stay tuned to see what fun I have with her!


Jul said...

Ooooo, she's pretty!

Ms Mac said...

She's beautiful! You must be so proud!

ITS said...


Looks like you could hurt somebody with that thin. ;-)

oreneta said...

Sweeeeet sweet sweet...I loved getting the new camera...I bet your going to have lots of fun...looking forward to the pictures.

Kristen Beqari said...

I just got the exact same camera... and I love it! The accent color feature is my current favorite :o)

eni said...

congrats..looking forward to see your new shots..

Ginnie said...

You are gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE it, Kim. Mine is the earlier S3 IS version (which was new in May 2006!) but very similar, I'm sure, and with the 12x optical zoom (which you'll love) as well as the Image Stabilization, a must these days.

I actually am upgrading to a dSLR (the Canon EOS Digital Rebel xti) but only because I want to start submittig some of my photos to a travel stock photography site that will only accept SLR pics because of the better quality. Donica is bringing it to me tomorrow from Atlanta after a quick weekend trip home while I stayed in A'dam.

It looks like we're both gonna have lots of fun! :)