Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vienna... Again!

I forgot to mention that we've been in Vienna for the past 4 days (yes- again!).

We arrived on Friday afternoon and after a bit of freshening up in our hotel we headed out to our friend Angelika's brand new restaurant called The Dining Room. We met Angelika through her blog The Flying Apple, a really marvelous food based blog. Last time we were in Vienna the 3 of us went out to dinner and she told us all about how her home was being renovated so that she could open her very own eating establishment. It was all very exciting and we promised ourselves that we would make a reservation as soon as we could.

So Friday evening that's just where we were. Eating and drinking the most wonderful food and wines. You can see the "Mid-Summer"menu here. It was delicious and so beautifully presented. Angelika is an open and warm woman with a passion for life and for great food. She welcomes you into both her home and her life and you immediately feel as if you've been old friends. Plus she is learning so much about pairing the perfect wines with each course which raises the experience up to a new level of dining.

I was so overwhelmed with the dinner that I completely forgot to take any photos but we've promised ourselves that we'll dine in The Dining Room again the next time we're in Vienna. If you get the chance... check it out for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, thank you so much for all your kind words. I'll be so happy to see you back soon ! It's a wonderful treat to have such lovely guests like the two of you...

Have a safe flight back to Tirana, hugs angelika and gino

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you were able to enjoy Angelika's Dining Room! Tanna and I had the most wonderful honor of visiting Angelika and seeing first hand what she has created! It is such a unique place -- and yes, she does invite you into her home and then proceed to "spoil" you with her wonderful food, wines and hospitality! Success for her is certainly in the cards!

I enjoy reading about your travels. Even though I may not comment, I am a fan of your writing.