Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Links from Stumbling Upon

Mark Jenkins
A set of photos of an amazing work of installation art!! Check out all the sections. Incredible stuff!

Nick Brandt
Another set of photos- all B&W African animals. Truly beautiful work!

Flickr Fun
Here's a fascinating little program which lets you find photos on Flickr according to their colour. Neat idea!

One Word
Now here's a really great site for those times when your creativity feels a little low. A little writing stimulation!

For days when your weather is just a bit too calm for your liking. Personally, I LOVE stormy weather and wish there was more.

The Daily Puppy
Need a bit more "cuteness" in your life? Check out these adorable puppies- I want every one of them!

Okay.... enough fooling around for this morning. Get back to work!


GMG said...

Loved to re-visit your blog and see the pictures of Tirana excited with Mr. Bush's eight hour trip...
Also interesting are the links you posted.
I'm now pposting on Switzerland... Take care!

CanadianSwiss said...

Work?? Hey, I've done my bit today ;)

Anonymous said...

One Word sounds interesting;