Monday, June 25, 2007

Do You Dare to Visit Albania?

Here's an excellent article on the state of tourism in Albania:

Landing Might Be An Idea

Finally someone has written an unbiased and well thought out article that shows the many great reasons to visit Albania while remaining realistic about the challenges of coming here as a tourist.

Here's one great quotation-
"...infrastructure can be sometimes only a comfortable barrier between the visitor and the place visited."

and another-
"...Albania is quite blessed with the genius of ignorance just where everyone needs it most. It hasn't noticed the clash of civilisations. It has a population of Muslims and Christians, but it's never been a Lebanon. What others clash over, Albania doesn't notice. At moments you might almost be tempted to visit the country for Albanians, if not for Albania."

So... do you dare to come for a visit? I invite you!


Anonymous said...

Isn't a bit early for that? Albania is still in the process of building up an image. I have friends who have for instance been to Bratislava because they heard it would be a great visit, their experience wasn't pleasant at all. The same can happen with visiting Albania. There should be specific reasons why to come in Albania. At the moment infrastructure allows it can be a valid destination for massive tourism. Otherwise, as I mentioned before it can only be a good one day stop experience in a specific destination, or a very long one in order to properly live an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Anonymous said...

Of course I do! One of these days I'll book the ferry or a flight and off I go.

I can't imagine how an image can be developed if no one goes, nor how an infrastructure can be developed in a vacuum.

As to someone not enjoying their trip, some people don't enjoy Italy, but millions do.

Anonymous said...

Judith, Actually that's the point. Generally, a visitor expects almost perfection. A positive attitude helps a lot in a good experience. As an Albanian I'm grateful people like you and Kim enjoy Albania. It automatically helps toward a positive image.

ak said...

Good article. I have discovered your blog only recently. I found out I'm listed on your links. Will return the favor right away. :)

It's great to have positive people diffuse positive ideas about Albania. You've probably been thanked before, but thank you, once more.

dHill said...

We're going in September this year. I have been twice before and have some great Albanian friends. The Albanians are every bit as welcoming as has been writen. Whatever negatives there are regarding infrastructure, transportation, etc. are compensated for by the beautiful countryside and beautiful people!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could've come this summer, I DO DARE! ! hopefully next year.

Andrea said...

I've been to Albania twice and while I think it's an interesting place to visit, it's only really for adventure/backpacker type travellers at the moment.

One of the things that bother me the most about Albania is the high cost. For a country with an under developed tourist industry they sure charge a hell of a lot for hotels and meals. It's so much cheaper in Bulgaria and Romania or even Turkey.

I think it'll be 10-15 years before Albania will become a viable tourist destination.

I do agree with the comments about the Albanian people. They are very warm and welcoming and love to talk to foreigners.