Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Daily Grind

I usually wake up every morning and pinch myself just to make sure that my life is real.

Today was one of the other kind of days... if I pinched myself this morning I probably just would have cried... sigh...

1. We have FIVE water storage tanks on our roof... and not a drop of water. I thought it was a problem with the pump but after asking the neighbours it seems as if the whole area has been without water for quite a few days. At 1 pm we had water for 5 minutes and it filled one of the small solar water tanks and then stopped. We've been told we might get another fill up at 6:30 PM if we're lucky. I wonder if we'll have enough to do all the laundry?

2. It's been almost 40 degrees celsius for about a week now and the air conditioners are running overtime. While we were away the one in the living room dripped water INTO our TV and so... that one is now kaput. Luckily we had another one downstairs.

3. I went out for 2 hours and came back to a huge puddle of water under the kitchen sink, which must have happened when we had that 5 minutes of water at 1 pm.

4. We were out because we had to go see our doctor. Peter has Bronchitus and I have a nasty case of athlete's foot (picked up at that lovely little place where I had a pedicure recently). Peter said it was a good thing I didn't get a bikini wax there. Groan.

5. One of my goldfish died. Pout. He was just over 2 years old which I guess is pretty good for a fish.

Just needed to get these things off my chest... am feeling better already! Thanks for listening.


ITS said...

"I have a nasty case of athlete's foot (picked up at that lovely little place where I had a pedicure recently). Peter said it was a good thing I didn't get a bikini wax there. Groan."

... Oh honey, that's just... I couldn't help but chuckle at that comment. Must find humor in the midst of all the madness.

Don't forget that all goldfish go to heaven when they die. On the upside you can use his water from the fish-tank to flush the toilet...

/with love from Canada (hot and humid here too)

J said...

Sorry for your run of bad luck, I know what you're going through - I've been having one too.

Aside from that, I'd love to have 40C for about a week - even here in the land of no a/c. I'm afraid that we've already enter autumn.

Anonymous said...


It may be too warm for a hug where you are, Kim, but I sympathize with your plight. Some days are just meant to pass into the past, and you've just had one of them.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is better, and that each day after will be better still.

All is progressing nicely here, and we send our love to both you and Peter.

Warmly (okay, I know it's hot),


Ll.T. said...

The easiest thing to do in these cases is to hide in some air conditioned place and wait for better days :)

ak said...

What to say, we're all survivors here (exept for the goldfish, of course). Today should've been easier since temperatures dropped.

Wish you a day in the opposite direction tomorrow!

Josh said...

hey moeka!

I hope you feel better shortly. Sorry about goldie too...

Maybe the positive now is that since goldie is gone you can find some nice cichlids (sp?) or rainbow fish or what not.

I was wondering if you guys are desperate can you not head over to a hotel for some showers and dry cleaning?

Hope to talk to you soon!

Ginnie said...

Awwwww. When those days happen, they just sap all the energy outta you. And then when the day passes, you wonder how it could have ever bothered you so much. But that's how Life is, I guess. I think the silliest/simplest things often bother me more than the biggies!

Besides, we're in the middle of Mercury Retrodrade right now. If something can go wrong, it will!