Friday, February 16, 2007

It's In The Bag!

Because my darling hubby needed something in my handbag, I had to dump it out on my dresser. Is it only my hubby or do all men have a phobia about looking for something in a woman's bag? He'll often ask for something and I say "It's in my bag" expecting him to go look for it. But no- he always brings my bag to me and waits while I find whatever it is he needs. You might ask... "Why does he need something from your bag Kim?" Well, because when we go out or travel, guess who gets to carry his phone, his wallet, his keys? Moi! Don't think I should be happy about getting to carry his wallet- he never has any money!

So in order to find his office key, I dumped my bag and decided it was time for a meme.

Here's what I propose you do:

Take a photo of the handbag/purse that you are using today.
Dump it out and take another photo.
Make a list of everything in your bag.
Post it on your blog (and let me know!)

Here's my bag- cheap (I think I paid 15 dollars for it last fall!), functional (it has several useful compartments), and I can sling it across my shoulder (criss cross) when I need my hands free. I'm happy with it and am sorry it is wearing out.

What's in my bag?
My phone
Chewing gum
Reading glasses
Sun glasses
Opera ticket
House keys
Lip gloss
Dextro energy
Coin purse
Flash drive
Cold tablets
Business Cards

So... Canadian-Swiss, Christina, Expat Traveller, Dixie Peach, Cyndi, and Jen let's see what's in your bag!! (And anyone else who wants to play along).


christina said...

Oh, wow, this could be embarassing! :-)

CanadianSwiss said...

Alrighty, then. I guess it can't be THAT embarassing... well, maybe a little ;)

Dixie said...

Oh I'll do it but you'll be disappointed at how very little I have in my bag.

CanadianSwiss said...

Mine's up, Kim. I could have gone into detail with what's in my wallet (makes most of what's in the bag), but I decided not to :)

Annika said...

I bought a man-bag for my husband on Valentine's Day. The idea is that he can carry that, and when my bag is full I can put all my extra stuff in his bag! :)

Unknown said...

LOL - a good one...

Luckily I don't keep much in my bag!

So I'll post soon!

Unknown said...

I'm up too, time to visit CS!

Dixie said...

Done! C'mon over and see what's in my purse!

jen said...

All done Kim. It was fun. I have an e-mail coming to you soon.

christina said...

Haven't forgotten about you. I'll have mine up on Tuesday! :-)

Anonymous said...

As a man I was told (by my wife)to never to look for anything again in her bag after 2-3 time cuz I disturb the order in her bag and I am careless.Have you ever said that to your husband KIM? Maybe thats why he does not look in your bag.

james said...

To this day, I am fearful of searching a woman's purse. My mother absolutely forbade me from riffling through the contents of her purse. Whenever I needed something I had to bring her the purse. I have made much progress in this area. Now when a woman tells me that something is in her purse I make absolutely sure that she wants me to retrieve the item.

Oh, and Annika, I have my doubts about your man and his new man purse. I often wish my girlfriend would carry a bigger bag so I can fit more of my things in it or she could carry more things that I might use, e.g. hand sanitizer (necessity in Albania), ibuprofen, and tissues. True I could carry all of these and more, but I don't wanna :)

Anonymous said...

Do you carry ID?

Anonymous said...

You reminded me of my fathers old friend. He loves to eat, and his wife is always carrying a huge bag. He used to say "I love my wife, she is so practical". Once i couldn't stop laughing because she took out some salt for him(in a shaker). The waiter was taking too long to bring the refill.