Sunday, January 21, 2007

Links Because I'm Lazy

Gadling, one of my favourite sites about travel serendipitously happened to link to a few sites about learning Albanian. I had my first lesson yesterday and learned one of my favourite phrases in any language... "me kenaqesi" which means "with pleasure".

A beautiful blog that I discovered this week is called The Year of Living Gorgeously and they are hosting a great photo competition with the theme "January".

And So Many Books (another new find) has an interesting post about Emerson and Power.

It's not even the end of January and the temperature here in Tirana is possibly over 20 degrees celsius! So we're off for the afternoon to stroll, drink coffee, and maybe enjoy some spicy Malaysian food.

Catch you later!


oreneta said...

Mea Culpa..I liked your links, got so caught up in following one to another to another, I never made it back here to comment. We can be as diestracted as we like out here in cyber-land and NO ON KNOWS!

Hope you had a lovely afternoon out.

Ll.T. said...

Hmmm, 20 degrees in January in Tirana. Believe me people, there is no such thing as global warming!!!!!

Ginnie said...

One day I hope I will have a wish granted: to take a stroll, drink coffee, and maybe enjoy some spicy Malaysian food with Kim.


Anonymous said...

20 degrees celsius sounds good to me since the temperature here in Minnesota is 20 degrees fahrenheit :)

james said...

I am torn. The weather has been amazing but without a cloud in the sky our prospects for rain aren't so good. No rain = No power. Yesterday I took a little "nani nani" (Albanian term for a nap a baby or child takes) on my balcony. So nice.
Is there a Malaysian restaurant in Tirana? My Tirana explorations have been rather limited so far.

Miss Kim said...

Hi James and welcome to my blog :)
There's a quasi Malaysian restaurant in the blok on Ismael Qemali (I think). It's not too bad but unfortunately it was closed on Sunday so then we went to Juvenelia.

Ginnie... if we both wish for it then it has to hapen don't you think|?

Ginnie said...

Yes, Kim! Definitely. I need to get the world atlas out and start checking it. Are you ever in Germany? :)

Unknown said...

If I remember correctly, last year was freezing in your place and it was cold!

Oh come by and check out the new vid I'll have up...

Anonymous said...

Dear KIM
Unfortunately I don’t have blog (but I will start one soon) so I have to type in as anonyms. I must say your blogs are deliciously addictive. Keep it up. I lived in Albania till I was 19; it has been 11 years since then, but I must say I ought to meet you when I come in Albania next summer. I believe, you are a great observer. Thank you for being honest and keeping me in touch with Old Country. Much appreciated. (Maybe that will be my new Blog anonyms.)

Miss Kim said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for such a nice comment on my blog. I really do appreciate it and it encourages me to continue to observe and write about this interesting place I am living in. It took me quite some time but I can honestly say (finally) that I really love being here.
If we can we will meet next summer for sure!
Mirupafshim... now I must spend the afternoon studying my Albanian.