Sunday, November 12, 2006

We'll Drive Italy Crazy!

Two weeks from now we will have begun our 8 day driving trip through Italy. It was originally planned for 5 days but we're going to squeeze in a few more days. Here's our planned route and I would really like to know if YOU are along it!

Fri. Nov. 24 Tirana to Bari Italy on the overnight ferry.
Sat. Nov. 25 Bari to Pompei to Venafro
Sun. Nov 26 Venafro to Assisi
Mon. Nov. 27 Assisi to Perugia to Sienna to Pisa
Tues. Nov. 28 Pisa to Parma to Sorga
Wed. Nov. 29 Sorga to Roncade
Thurs. Nov. 30 Roncade to Trieste
Fri. Dec. 1 Trieste to Split
Sat. Dec. 2 Split to Dubrovnik
Sun. Dec. 3 Dubrovnik to Tirana

I always use Via Michelin for route planning and maps. They give fabulous driving instructions for just about the whole world! I print out each step of the way and put the whole route in a notebook as well as copies of all our reservations and any information on places we don't want to miss. We also plan the route which keeps us off the bigger highways and try to go the scenic route. I am getting so excited!


Ginnie said...

T1, this sounds fantastic! I WANT TO GO WITH YOU!!!! You will have the memory of a lifetime (to add to all the other ones you already have!). Bon voyage (in 2 more weeks).

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of driving. Also it's the loading/unloading each day from your accommodation that'll be the worst! :P Having to get in the car each day and not really getting to truly enjoy the places you visit! :P

Why am I saying this? I did a similar trip in the UK past May. Sure it was fun, I got to see tons, but it was all overview, never in depth... And I got so sick of the car after a while!!! :P

Still I'm jealous of your trip. :) Have fun!!!!

Miss Kim said...

Ginnie... there's room for you!
Christelle.. It is a lot of driving but both of us just love being together in the car. In our daily life we have a driver which means we are never alone in the car. It'll be a treat! And for us it's the journey that's the joy! (And we always travel light).

Anonymous said...

That is a ROAD trip!
I have to admit that because Assisi is so close to home I've only stayed there once. It was a cheap little hotel but I liked it, and there was lots of public parking just outside the gate at the forecourt. will take you to Hotel la Rocca. I can't figure out how long you'll be there? If you miss the freschi at the upper cathedral, you are nuts!
Anyway, I will email you my phone number and you can call and we'll see if you are around long enough for a meeting.
There are loads of luxury hotels in Assisi, but I know not one. You really ought to see Gubbio, too.
WHY are you going to Pisa? You will be so disappointed! That day of driving from Assisi to Perugia to Siena to Pisa is practically undoable, believe me. We say here in Italy "An inch on the map, seven hours on the road."

Di Mackey said...

My skin just turned green reading this ... how unbecoming :)

It will be good to read of how it was ...

Pam said...

Thanks for the Via Michelin tip!

Like you, we also enjoy the car, the journey and travel light. Your itinerary sounds fabulous...glad you were able to squeeze in a few more days!

Anonymous said...

That’s great and I’m glad for you and hope at least seeing some wonderful photos in your photo blog and the description of your trip in this blog.

Paulo Gama said...


Cynthia Rae said...

What Italy???? We MUST meet along road!!!!


J. said...

Ah...Croatia. Do you have time to get out to the islands? We love Korcula...charming like Dubrovnik but smaller and less tourist-y.

CanadianSwiss said...

Wow! I can understand the excitement. That trip sounds like so much fun! I'm sure you'll love it.