Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Important Reading

James, an American in Amsterdam, has a fantastic post of an article written by Oliver Thomas. The article is called Religion Has Lost Its Credibility and the topic is Christianity's attitude towards homosexuality. I think Thomas has expressed his viewpoint in a very honest and clear manner, and I urge you to spend a few minutes reading it. I have been thinking in this direction for some time now but have never been able to express it as clearly as he has. The article was originally posted on Yahoo News.


Ginnie said...

Thanks for pointing out this article on James' site, Kim! Here's what I said in my comment to him:

"This is a great succinct article, James, on an issue that has had significant study in the last years even in/by the "left" arm of the church. I was part of this study and taught the historical context of the 6 clobbering texts for several years in a very progressive United Methodist church here in Atlanta. The problem is that many congregations around the country can be very progressive in their outlook while their denominations lag behind in church directives.

I very much like his analogy to a train wreck waiting to happen. I totally agree and just hope it happens in my lifetime!"

James said...

I had to post the article because I could not say it any better. I am not as articulate as the author. :)
Thanks for the link up!

hockeyman said...

Thank God we can think for ourselves. I get the sense that church leadership is way off base with the congregation. I think most christians and most jews (I don't know enough moslems) would tolerate and accept homosexuals. I always think that when they go to the rulebook ie scripture to find some rule they have no real good logical argument.

The most telling line in the article is "what would Jesus do" You have to have absolutely no basis in real christianity to think that He would do anything other than embrace homosexuals as part of His flock.

Di Mackey said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the pointer :)

Had to link to it.

Alison said...

What a great article. Thanks for posting it!