Friday, November 10, 2006

Albanian TV

I was thinking maybe some of you would be curious about what Albanian TV is like, so I made a list of all the channels we get with a digital service for about 25 USD/month.

In Albanian
Top Channel
Junior TV
Explorer 1, 2
Channel X
News 24

Movies in English (with Albanian subtitles)
Digi Autor
DigitALB 5, 6, 7, 8
(These are pretty good channels!)

Premium 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Yeah count 'em-- 5 channels devoted just to ONE sport!!)

Albanian Music
My Music
(I can't listen to these even for one minute- uggg!)

In Italian (Wish I knew Italian!)
Discovery, Disc Civilisation
National Geographic
RAI 1, 2, 3
Canale 5
Italia 1
Rete 4

In Greek
Alpha TV (seems really dull to me!)

In English (not much to choose from is there?)
Fashion TV
MTV Europe
BBC World

So now you know why I am soooooo thrilled that my little SlingBox works!


christina said...

Interesting. The only English channels we get (for free with a satellite dish) are CNN International, Sky News and MTV.

ITS said...


You don't like BBF?

Maybe you are not the target audience for a station that thrives on young Albanian chicks, shaking their thang, to jacked American beats...

The Meksi Clan said...

Do you think I can get a SlingBox hooked up to the Albanian TV? I would give a leg for all those soccer channels.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have these Italian channels... I took 2 classes at Uni but am forgetting all of the language because I never use it!

And the movies with Albanian subtitles are great to learn Albanian I think! It's what I did when I was in The Netherlands to learn Dutch... Watch English, read Dutch.

No French channel?! :P TV5? :)


Ll.T. said...

What exactly does "Bang Bang" show????

Miss Kim said...

Christine... you definitely NEED a SlingBox!
Digital... LOL... guess I'm not!
Vloraboy... I bet it would work.
Christelle... I learned an awful lot of Dutch that way too!
llukan... tsk.. tsk... It's cartoons for kiddies I think!

Ginnie said...

In Hannover we have only the BBC channel in English. Not even CNN. I guess it's even less than basic TV! But we do watch lots of sports and try to keep up with the German :)