Friday, October 20, 2006

Putting Our Face On It

In honour of Ginnie from In Soul and her post Putting Our Face On It


In which she writes so beautifully, something I wish I'd said myself:

And I was thinking about how we bloggers write about the weather and the seasons and how we love the colors or it's foggy or raining and we're this week on Vancouver Island or in LA or Hannover, visiting with so-and-so, attending this or that, reading, or doing such-n-such. On and on and on.

We tell our stories and we take our photos. Always putting a face on what's there for us so that we'll recognize it, distinguish it from something else, or see it for the first time. It's our gift to each other. Often it's our gift to ourselves.

Thank you Ginnie, for honouring all of us.


Ginnie said...

Ohhhhhh, T1. You've deeply touched and honored me. Thank you.

MsDemmie said...

What true sentiments