Friday, September 15, 2006

Shades of Grey

Since coming to Canada back in July I have become addicted to Grey's Anatomy, a tv program I actually had never even heard of before. Living in unusual places sometimes leaves you out of the loop about modern media and entertainment. My sweet cousin Karen mentioned that she wouldn't ever miss an episode of this show and so I was curious about it. Luckily for me, CTV decided to play all of last season at noon every weekday at the end of August, so I was able to watch most of them. This morning I was out at our local music shop and asked about the DVD of season two which was released this week and now my name is on the list to get a copy later today when they arrive. I can't wait! But in the meantime I spotted season one on the shelf so that is now in my possession. What's fabulous about that is that I haven't seen even one episode of the first season so I am looking forward to watching that ASAP.
Not important news really.... just thought you should know.


Ginnie said...

Interesting that you posted about this, Kim, because just the other day Donica said she wondered if we should watch it since we always hear about it. We're already addicted to Lost and 24. Might as well add another one!

MsDemmie said...

Savour it !

Nice to see you blogging again :)

Unknown said...

I seem to have lost interest in almost all tv, documentaries I now my fav... I'm getting nerdier with age!

Corrie said...

they show greys anatomy here in italy too, but i haven't seen it yet. i guess i'll go check my local listings... :)