Monday, May 08, 2006

Coco's Big Adventure

You all are probably getting tired of my sweet little Coco and her bag of tricks but I'm not!

Over the past couple of weeks she would go into the bathroom and bark at the tub until we would come and see what she wanted. She wanted to be put into the bath and then she wanted the water turned on. Then she would drink and drink til she'd had enough. Then she'd bark for us to come back and help her get out. Rather strange behaviour we think. Especially because her water dish in the kitchen is always full of fresh water.

So yesterday we heard a strange bark and went to see what she wanted. Into the tub I thought, but nooooooooooo -- she was already in the tub! As you can see she's not very big and the tub is rather high so we can't imagine how she got herself in there without any help, but she did. Next thing you know she'll be turning on the water!

After her adventure she fell asleep in her antique baby carriage:


Ginnie said...

If you promise not to get tired of my little grandson, I'll promise not to get tired of your little Coco! HA! That is an ADORABLE story of him in the bathtub. I've never heard anything like it. I think you need to keep him. (I'm definitely keeping little Nicholas!)

Miss Kim said...

It's funny but since we got Coco almost 3 years ago, we have a bigger capacity for loving ALL dogs. I bet that's the same thing with children!

Di Mackey said...

I won't get tired, we've decided not to have pets here as we want to travel a lot, if I'm ever allowed to work. I'll live vicariously through your Coco stories ... when the birds on my balcony just aren't enough.

Miss Kim said...

Having a pet as an expat is definitely a challenge one should think about before doing. When we got Coco we had many friends in Bucharest who begged us to let them borrow her for weekends etc so then it was quite easy. Here in Tirana it was harder to find a good petsitter but we managed to find a nice Albanian family who have always wanted a dog and they love looking after her. Luckily Shih Tzu's are very adaptable little dogs!

Kim/Thomas said...

In my next life time, I want to come back as coco:)
what a little spoiled pooch:)
:O she is a shih tzu, ticky is a maltese shihtzu.:)

Unknown said...

oh she is such a cuttie... So funny though!

miss tango said...

spoiled spoiled spoiled!