Monday, April 10, 2006

My Monday Afternoon Blog Walk

Do you ever do this? Start with reading one of the blogs on your own blogroll, and then meander through a whole lot of new blogs by clicking on other bloggers blogrolls?

That's what I've been doing this afternoon... it's a relaxing stroll around the world.

Let's see... I start with Wandering Woman who blogs about missing the things we must leave behind, a very heartfelt post. She has a long list of links, but I spot one with the interesting name of Otago Boy who risks his reputation by declaring that Tom Cruise really can act, and advises us to watch Magnolia. Now Otago Boy has only a few dubious sounding links but I choose one- Hatesexy and find him defending his last post about organised religion. Interesting. I decide to visit the last link on hatesexy's links which is the viking's progress. Poor viking is suffering from some disturbing dreams lately. Again. a short list of links in his blogroll, but Velcrometer sounds intriguing. Here's a guy who has written a play called The Sisters Tragedy, and has won some comedy writing awards. He has a huge archive but a rather short blogroll. I like his post about a wedding he witnessed on a plane to Vegas. I click on his link to annatopia which scares me at first because it just looks so political and I tend to stay away from extremes, but wait a second-- it's a very cool site, with some great posts, including the lyrics of a song by Pink, taunting Mr. Bush to work hard. Now annatopia has a link to her HUGE blogroll (thank you anna!) and I have lots to choose from here. I like the sound of happier man. I'm not sure he's really happ, but his latest post gives advice to the "ding dongs" and "knuckleheads" who have been protesting Bush's policy on illegal immigrants. I decide to take one more jump over to soup du jour of the day where I learn about a new type of Coka Cola called Coke Black, with what-- coffee??? in it. Sounds bizarre but reminds me of the Coke with Lime that I fell in love with in Canada- I wish it was available here- wahhhh!

So those were todays "Stepping Stones" around the world.

Where did you go today?


Ginnie said...

What a fantastic journey, Kim! A great idea and something I'm sure most of us do from time to time. I loved the segues between blogs. Serendipitous! (Right now I'm still trying to get through my OWN blogroll...and have been catching up on every post you've entered since a couple days ago. You've been busy! :)

Unknown said...

I've only starterd on my blog roll so far and that's enough to make my eyes roll. I won't be venturing too far because I've gotta get moving. That's what happens when you are 9 hours behind! It's only 830am here.

And the photo class, well it was pure luck. I wish I could do more than one day, but the timing hurts. And well that class was just one day. I do hope to apply more and practice. I'm thinking also about trying to do a meet up of some sort...

But I'm sure that's way harder being in albania..

nikinpos said...

I don't even seem to have time to write my own blog at the mo' let alone read everyone elses! BUT from the 21st will hopefully have internet at work , so will be able to catch up!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog in your recent journey :) - I would like to warn people renting Magnolia - It's a bit gritty in places, and not every ones "cup of tea", but I'm sure that although you may not enjoy Tom's character per say, you will probably remember it for some time to come.



Miss Kim said...

Ginnie... I stopped blogging for 4 months this winter and now I have blogorhea!
ExT... just keep shootin photos and trust your eye (and heart)!
Niki... it must be wedding time in Positano!
Mark... the blog walk was fun. Thanks for saying thank you and for comng to my blog!

Cynthia Rae said...

I start doing this very same thing and the next thing I know, hours have passed and I am still at my computer! What's a girl to do?