Friday, April 07, 2006

A More Feminine Day!

Found these wonderful female sphinx statues in the Belvedere Gardens this morning.
Powerful figures don't you agree?

And this one was spotted outside the public gardens...
not so powerful but a very beautiful art deco woman.

And lastly, a pretty passageway I found while walking.
I came back to the hotel and flopped on the bed for a nice late afternoon nap.
Now we're off to a little Thai restaurant that I found this morning.
I hope it's good! (I'll let you know).


verniciousknids said...

That passageway is gorgeous...and I love the strength of the first statue!

Unknown said...

I love this passageway. Wow you have been so busy but its so great to document all that you ahve done while enjoying the city! And I think P has this program so I want to see if we can figure it out too!

Ginnie said...

I love how you have sectioned your posts into themes, Kim, and this one IS powerful. Indeed!