Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'll Drink to That!

Yesterday while in his office P felt the urge to have a nice big glass of cold water.
So he reached into his fridge and pulled out this bottle-

Looks good doesn't it? He thought so too, and took a big gulp.

"Sspppppppppptttttttttt!" right into his coffee mug.

Who would have left a water bottle full of Albanian Raki (ie Ouzo) in his fridge without mentioning it to him?????


verniciousknids said...

Oh, that's fantastic :D

Unknown said...

Yikes! Good thing it wasn't varsol!

Lily said...

omg, I have done that..twice. It's quite a shock.

Di Mackey said...

I gurgled with loud laughter and had to explain myself.

Spit alcohol ... what was he thinking ... tsk tsk tsk.

ITS said...

Gimme a break lady, will-ya!

It's holy watah!

Ginnie said...

Indeed! Who would have done THAT! But it made for a good story :)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I've never done a thing like that, but I've gone close to doing so a lot of times. Now everytime I get back to Tirana my grandma' warns me that that particular bottle in the fridge isn't full of water, but raki.
Now I think I've learned the lesson, but still everytime I grab a bottle of water don't forget to smell it quickly before drinking.

Anonymous said...

That has happened to many before and will happen to many more. I think Albanians just like to go for water and get raki instead. It's a very nice surprise especially when at the office.

BTW, raki and ouzo are the same in Turkey, but not in Albania. The Albanian raki tastes like Grappa in Italy, while the Turkish raki tastes like Greek ouzo.

Miss Kim said...

Milena, Thanks for the tip!
Enkel... that's very funny :) and thanks for clarifying the raki/ouzo/grappa thing. I appreciate it!

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