Friday, April 21, 2006

Have a Nice Day!

I'm just having a really nice day **big smiles**

The owner (he's a rather nice looking Greek boy) of the gym I've just started going to came up to me and asked me if I liked the gym and I said "yes it's really nice". Then he said he hoped that all the men were not bothering me and I said "oh no but I wish!". We chatted for a bit and had a good laugh and he said if I kept up my workout I would soon look like a model! Oooo la-la. Can I tell you how happy that made me feel! I've been on cloud nine ever since! Such a small comment and it makes a huge impact on my day. Seriously. I walked home with a big smile on my face, and a glow that came from a compliment, not from my 90 minute workout.

Here's a photo I took last week of one way you can buy shoes in Albania:

The sidewalks are lined with people selling whatever they can in order to make ends meet. You can get yourself weighed; buy hot, roasted chestnuts;, rebuy your phone that was recently stolen; change euros into LEK; get yourself a new fake Gucci watch or belt, and so on. It makes for a very vibrant walk to the gym every morning!
Oh yeah... I forgot to tell you that the gym owner also told me I reminded him of his mother. Ack.


Anonymous said...

I like the "rebuy your phone that was recently stolen" part of your blog.

That's too funny :-)

Miss Kim said...

But isn't it true ellasdevil?

Ms Mac said...

Blimey, if I had to walk past all those street vendors I'd never have enough dough to make the gym membership! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can very well understand why the greek devil would rejoice at comments like these. After all, these people have killed and beaten Albanians to death in Athens, only because they were celebrating a soccer game. Greece's evil hatred, bigotry and racism towards Albanians is very well known to us, and they make it known every chance they get, even at comments like this one.
But Traveler One, I would like to ask you this: Has your cell phone been stolen? Or anyone's of your friends? Would you like to elaborate? If that's the case I would personally like to give you 10 new ones, so you can have a few as a reserve.
But if that is not the case, then what is the point of such a cheap slander? So that you can make a greek laugh at our poverty? We know that our country might not be the best place in the world, we know very well that it is poor, but comments like this are especially hurtful.

Anonymous said...

Whoah arianit, take it easy, dude. o_O

ITS said...

It's funny that I contained myself and didn't go off like Arianit. I think Traveller One does a great job at portraying our country most of the time.

Sometimes she gets influenced by what the stupid things that stupid people around her tell her. After all she lives in a tiny bubble of comfort, and probably will never really understand Albania or the Albanian people...

Having said all that, the Greek gym owner is GAY. He fits the profile: Greek, gym owner, and has the Oedipus syndrome.

But than again, I don't judge the Greek men for their sexual orientation. I don't mind that Greece is the number one homosexual country in the world. More women left for the Albanian men. :D

Miss Kim said...

The purpose of my blog is not to be controversial. It is to be entertaining and to let my friends know what is happening in my life. It is MY LIFE, and MY BLOG. I don't believe in censorship, and so these comments will remain unless I get totally pissed off with them (and I am close to being that). My lifelong philosophy has been to follow the Golden Rule. Some of you obviously have never heard of it so let me remind you: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Try it- I believe it would change the world if we ALL lived by it.

Now stop it. Or else.

Anonymous said...

Traveller One,

Who'd have thought my simple comment would have caused so much upset. Some people are soooo touchy :-)

Saying that, the comments of 'ITS' really made me laugh. I think it's great that a guy raised in the USA and who lives in Canada believes he's in a position to lecture you on the image of Albania you paint. I'm sure you see more of Albania than he does so therefore, I'm happy to read what you have to write.

I think 'Its', you should stick around too... you might learn something!

I think some of the comments that have been left on this thread are a shame really. Your 'he's Greek so he's gay' comment really amused me. I'm sure you (like most people) don't care whether this guy is gay or not, you just thought you were being smart... I'm sure you'll perfect smart one day! Keep trying!

Arianit, I don't really know what to say because your comments were actually heart felt. I assure you that my original comment wasn't intended to cause offense. However, you've chosen to take it that way. There's nothing else I can say really.

Mimey said...

Surely the fencing of dubiously obtained goods is a street vending blight in every country. It's a market thing. I am certain it is not an Albanian speciality. The comment made me laugh, although I once had a stolen skirt sold back to me. I was young and just glad to have it back.

Miss Kim said...

Let me say one thing- I have never had my phone stolen in Albania- but my friends have. I did however have it stolen while living in Romania. Theft is found wherever there is a lack of morality and respect for other people.

I really HATE racism, sexism,and stereotypes.I have Greek friends, and Albanian friends, and many, many GAY friends. I try hard to say "ALL Albanians are blah blah blah..." and I don't like it when you leave comments which blanket whole groups of people.

So don't do it. Please.

Miss Kim said...

I try hard NOT TO SAY that... arg!
See what happens when you get me upset?

ITS said...

Don't be upset Kim...

You know WE love you!


EuroTrippen said...

Nothing like a compliment to put an extra spring in your step!

Anonymous said...

u are so funny and so real I love everything Im reading in here
Ilir from NY