Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Self Absorbed Meme!

I'm not sure but I thnk the definition of a MEME is "A memory memo about ME-ME!

I got tagged twice in one week, so as promised to vernicious knids here is the second meme:

I AM: kindhearted
I WANT: to make a difference
I WISH: we could all live peacefully
I HATE: people who litter
I MISS: my children and parents in Canada
I FEAR: a catastrophe that would separate me from those I love
I HEAR: my kettle boiling for tea
I WONDER: what it is like to live in other peoples shoes
I REGRET: not having a dog when my kids were young
I AM NOT: mathematically inclined
I DANCE: like a disco queen
I SING: loudly when I'm alone in a car
I CRY: easily
I AM NOT ALWAYS: confident
I MAKE great collages WITH MY HANDS
I WRITE: about food a lot
I CONFUSE: the Scotts with the Brits with the Irish with the Aussies
I NEED: to surround myself with beauty
I SHOULD: exercise more
I START: every morning with a smile
I FINISH: only the books I get into

So now... I tag... Digital Objective and Kim


verniciousknids said...

I enjoyed your answers you make collages with your own photos? Do you ever post them? And don't stress, I confuse the Canadian and US accents ;)

Miss Kim said...

I make collages with almost anything I find, but not with my photos (good idea though!). I just might post a couple now that you've suggested it!

Ms Mac said...

I may have to pinch this one as wewll. By the way, Scots are British. You're confusing them with the English! ;-)

I have no idea how one confuses Irish with Aussies though!

Miss Kim said...

ms. mac... I'd be delighted to read your answers :)
You're right about my confusion- lol! The confusion is all about the accents- ack!

Mimey said...

I am fond of a bit of collage too.

A good meme, well answered, I am stealing it as I type!

ITS said...


I am thrilled for the plug, but I really can't do memes. I am just not that interesting, ya know...

Totally agree with you about the confusion between, all English-speaking nations outside of North-America. Funny-talking bunch of people. :D

Cynthia Rae said...

These memes can be a great way to learn about people. Thanks for sharing!


Kim/Thomas said...

Kimmie, you are the best, thank you for the lovely comment you left me, you are so very sweet to me:)

I soooo wish that I could zip on over to NYC to meet up with you, it is only 4 hours, but I just can't...waaaaa....

I will do my meme, happily, but right now I need to decompress, and get rid of this pain in my head from going over my sister issues...

ps. love love your collages!

Anonymous said...

These memes are a good idea! Although I'm hopeless... I get "meme-block" if that's possible. It took me 7 months to complete the 'five things about me' meme.

PS: Totally loving your blog!