Thursday, March 09, 2006

Things I Truly Miss About Tirana

1. Espresso Coffee--- no one in Nova Scotia drinks espresso- in fact they don't even know what it is and I can't buy it anywhere.

2. Sparkling Water--- I am tired of still water... I seriously need some bubbles!

3. Outdoor Cafes---even if I'd have to wear a jacket, I miss sitting outdoors in the sunshine in March drinking good coffee.

4. Good Thin Crust Pizza--- Canadians seem to think pizza only comes in one size- 2 inches thick and loaded with everything. But good pizza is really thin and covered with carefully chosen favourites.

It seems like I am getting myself ready for my return to 'real life'!


ITS said...

Yay! You are back! So excited!

If I make some decent money this summer I will be in Tirana during the fall! We shall have an espresso together!



Anne said...

You have no idea how bad all this news is.
My brother is getting married in Nova Scotia this suumer, how am I going to survive two weeks with no espresso!

christina said...

Tim Hortons has no espresso? That needs looking into.

ITS said...

I think a Tim Hortons franchise costs less than a real espresso machine :D

Expat Traveler said...

Panago pizza makes thin crust! And yes I'd agree on the rest! They need more carless streets to solve that problem I think with the outdoor cafes.