Thursday, March 23, 2006

Syri i Kalter

The most beautiful spot on earth.... "The Blue Eye"... Albania
photo courtesy of my lovely daughter.


Unknown said...

IS she is Albania still? Wow that is so beautiful. Or I guess that was taken last year....

Miss Kim said...

Yes last June! Apparently this is a water source which is more than 25 metres deep! It is fresh water and icy cold. And even bluer than the photo shows. The site is called "The Blue Eye".

Ginnie said...

So inviting! So gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i am from albainia and last summer i visited this wonderful site. it is absolutly goergoues!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me directions by car from Sarande to the bleu hole?
Thanks. Alex

Miss Kim said...

Hi Alex!
Coming out of Sarande towards Girokaster you will see a sign for the turn to the blue eye. It is quite easy to find. We were there just last week and we were the only visitors which made it really special. I believ you don't take the road to Delvina but the other road. Good luck!

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