Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm Home!

I arrived at "Mother Theresa Airport" late last night- about midnight I think. The flight was not even half full, but still one of my suitcases somehow didn't make the flight, even with a four hour wait in Vienna. I know it made the London-Vienna part of the trip because I happened to be watching out the plane's window and spotted it sitting forlornly by the loading ramp with a big red tag on it which said something like "Do Not Load- Wait For Dispatcher". I was worried! I didn't take my eyes off of it and was ready to push that little red "call for flight attendant" button, but then along came this guy- the 'dispatcher' and he scanned the tag and threw it onto the loading ramp. (Don't you hate when they throw your bags?) After that I have no idea where it went. I am racking my brain trying to remember what I packed in that particular bag. A cookbook for one thing and my jacket- oh and ALL my cosmeticy stuff!! Arggg! Plus- here comes the good part-- the missing bag is the one I paid $175 extra for beacause I had 3 bags!!!! Are they trying to teach me a lesson or what?? I sure hope it turns up today! I'd like to give honourable mention to the two wonderful Albanian men who attended me at the airport. Wow. They were sweet, and kind, and helpful at this uncivilised hour of the morning- plus they gave me a nifty giftbag full of goodies for my inconvenience! Things have definitely improved in this country.

At home I found a few lovely surprises from my hubby:

A Beautiful Bouquet of Red Roses.......


a Gorgeous Bunch of Lilies !

Apparently P tried everywhere to find Tigerlilies -"our flower", but no one knows what they are, so these lovely lilies are perfect substitutes. I am happy to be HOME. There is nothing better in life than to be laying in your own bed with your wonderful hubby and your adorable doggy! Nothing.


Alison said...

Flying is always such a drag, especially between Canada and Europe. I hope your bag finds you soon but at least you made it home safely :)

ITS said...

There you are!

I am really happy for you. After you get relax some, you can resume reporting from motherland :D

I am sure your bag will turn out. I had the same problem in Montreal last year, and they found it a week afterword, after it had made a detour to Vienna for some reason.


Bledi said...

Welcome to Tirana.
I've witnessed several times the same problem. Travelers bags make it halfway through but somehow do not make it to Tirana. Most of the times it has to do with smaller planes not being able to carry everything (but in your case the plane was half full). In any case, you have to go to Rinas again and demand that you get informed when they arrive. Good luck. Bledi

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to read you're home safe and sound. I look forward to hearing tales from our neighbour to the north!!

I look forward to making many comments here!

Ginnie said...

So glad to hear you've made it safe-n-sound! Even though Hannover isn't my home, it feels like home every time I go there, so I do know the feeling. I've had many a long day of flights, delays and transfers, but your trip takes the cake! (sigh)

christina said...

Oh dear, that's no fun.

But you're home in one piece and just look at those gorgeous flowers! I love the lilies.

Unknown said...

how wonderful. Those are such beautiful flowers!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I just have to say I love your blog, which I happened to stumble across more or less by mistake. I simply love the idea of anyone moving to Albania.
It sounds just as weird to Swedish ears as anyone in his right mind to move to... Finland. Just like I did.
So enjoy! It makes me happy to see that you do!
Best wishes from Helsinki