Monday, March 27, 2006

I Was Happy... and then...

It's 7:30 am. I just woke up. I look out the window and am happy. The sun is blazing, I hear tiny birds in the empty trees, and the smell of coffee drifts under the door into my room.
On goes the tv to catch the morning news, on this the last day of my 4 months in Canada. It's good to see the freed Canadian hostages; the results of the World Figure Skating Championships in Calgary; and the enticing Tim Hortons commercial. But then the weather guy comes on and unknowingly disturbs my reverie. He starts in the west, and works his way across our magnificent country. All looks good, clear skies, warmer temperatures. The whole country is suddenly experiencing Spring. Yippee! Ahhh but there is one small part of Canada that is holding onto Winter with a very tight grip, and that is Newfoundland.
"So?" you ask. "You'e flying from Halifax to London, so don't worry about the fact that St. John's Nfld. has a BLIZZARD WARNING today, with 100 km/hour winds, and 30 cm of SNOW."
"Right," I reply, holding back my screams. "The only problem is my flight is scheduled to make a 40 minute stop in St. John on its way to Heathrow!"
I am fuming, having felt secure that there would be no possibility of delay on this, the 27th of March.
Mother Earth strikes again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Unknown said...

Aayyy! And it's finally 10 degrees and sunny over here! What a weird weather world...hope you don't run into too much trouble, have a safe flight <3

Unknown said...

Well I hope the weather man is wrong and spring holds through! Good luck with your trip at any rate!

Rowena said...

Although we are experiencing tropical rainstorms in the island, might I mentally project some 75F degree weather your way? Have a safe trip back!

ITS said...

Wish you a safe flight with no delays. I will say a little prayer that it goes well :-)

Also make sure to post as soon as you get there, so we all know everything is OK.


hockeyman said...

There is an irrational electrical power supply in albania and we have newfie weather....we'll take the weather.